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Since 2004 Quad has opened its activity to feature film production.

Run by associate producers Nicolas Duval Adassovsky, Yann Zenou and Laurent Zeitoun, this department now boasts 14 films. With its box­office hits HEARTBREAKER and THE INTOUCHABLES (record for the non­ English language film having generated the highest receipts worldwide in all of history) the company has become one of the most influential in French production. While developing subjects that are both entertaining and federating while addressing fundamental issues and human problems, Quad’s ambition today is to extend its realm to international markets.

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Nicolas Duval Adassovsky
Yann Zenou
Laurent Zeitoun
Helene Karson
Margaux Dourdin
Head of Development
Foucauld Barré
Head of Development
Thomas Vaudour
Head of Business Affairs
Xavier Langlois
Business Affairs
Céline Laumord
Legal Affairs
Alice Têtu
Legal Affairs

Quad Cinéma

31-33, rue Madame de Sanzillon
92110 Clichy - France

Tel. +33 1 42 67 05 05 — Fax. +33 1 42 67 05 04

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