About Every Jack has a Jill

Chloé, age 26, lives alone in Paris, spending her time between a meddling neighbour, a heartless co-worker and a moralizing DVD renter. Not quite what she expected out of life. Jack, a 30 year old American recently dumped by his girlfriend, wins a free trip to Paris. Fate has it that Chloé winds up with Jack’s suitcase… and falls in love with its contents. Chloé is in love with Jack, never mind that she’s never seen him and doesn’t know the first thing about him. She talks herself into believe that he’s the man of her life, that they’re made for each other, and sets out to find him.

Director: Jennifer Devoldère

Writer: Jennifer Devoldère

Cast: Mélanie Laurent, Justin Bartha

Release Date: July 29th, 2009

Distributor: Mars Distribution

International Sales: Orange Studio, Mars Films