About Heartbreaker

Your daughter is dating a creep? Your sister can’t get out of a passionate relationship that is destroying her, body and soul? Your best friend is involved with a stunning good-for-nothing who is only after her money?Indeed all these women think they have found Mr. Right, but you- her father, her mother, her brother or her best friend- know that she is being fooled and you simply cannot put up with it any longer.Today there is an answer to all these woes.His name is Alex.His job? Professional couple buster.His method? Seduction.His mission? Turn that boy-friend into an ex.But Alex has his ethics. Never break up a relationship if the woman is happy. So why does he accept to break the happy, rich, thirty year old couple who is to marry in less than a week?

Director: Pascal Chaumeil

Writer: Laurent Zeitoun, Jeremy Doner & Yoann Gromb

Cast: Vanessa Paradis, Romain Duris, Julie Ferrier, François Damiens, Andrew Lincoln

Release Date: March 17th, 2010

Distributor: Universal

International Sales: Kinology