About Miskina, la pauvre


MISKINA, LA PAUVRE is a series that speaks of that sometimes unpleasant period of life, the thirties, when everything has to be well underway, when we are expected to finally make progress. Fara is the embodiment of this generation that feels it is stagnating, that is still looking for itself, that struggles with humor and perseverance in the ups and downs of everyday life.
Always with kindness and lightness, MISKINA, LA PAUVRE is an ode to all the "miskines" of everyday life, never really in the right place at the right time, but who always manage, for better or for worse, to overcome all the obstacles.

Directors: Melha Bedia, Antony Marciano

Writors: Melha Bedia, Yoann Gromb, Xavier Lacaille, Mehdi Fikri, Paul Rotman, Joséphine Ha

Cast: Melha Bedia, Shirine Boutella, Hakim Jemili, Victor Belmondo, Xavier Lacaille, Alka Balbir, Nadia Kaci

Release date: September 30th, 2022

Distributor: Amazon Prime Video